large inventory

What you order at Espace Habitation GBI is in stock at our Quebec warehouse located at 2968, Boulevard St-Anne (doors 5 and 6 at the back). We keep a huge inventory on hand that can meet your needs quickly. Know that you always have the information directly on the product button. Example 27 products means that we have 27 on hand in our warehouse. For ceramics, it is always in square feet. 1000 products means that we have 1000 ft2 in stock. So by ordering from GBI, you will have your equipment very quickly. We can also store it for you free of charge for up to 30 days. You will then be charged a fee per pallet. When a product is out of stock, we share the information with you, with an ETA, which is an approximate and not precise date. Ex ETA April means that we expect to receive in April… We advise you not to mix products in stock and not in stock on the same order, to simplify logistics.